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Koppel’s K9s, Your Dog and You

Bringing a dog into your home is one of the most exciting things a family can do, but it also takes a little work to make sure you and your dog have the most rewarding experience.

Each dog and puppy has a unique personality and learns about positive behavior differently. Our approach to dog training is designed to help them be on their best behavior. But we also work with you as the owner to make sure you know how to continue your dog’s behavioral growth.

We tailor our training for you and your pet – whether it’s a puppy, an older dog who’s new to your home, or a longtime companion who needs behavior adjustment.

We do this by providing training for both ends of the leash.

The Koppel’s K9s Difference

The Fundamentals

The most important part of our work is training dogs and their owners together. Unlike many other Chicago dog trainers, our program focuses on positive reinforcement that helps dogs and their families grow together. Positive reinforcement rewards good behavior and teaches that loss of access is a consequence for negative behavior.

Clear Communication

Communicating with your dog is more than building a shared vocabulary your dog can understand. It’s about using the right language that focuses on positive outcomes over negative language that can confuse a dog and limit behavioral growth. We focus on what communication works and creates a deeper bond.


When you work with Koppel’s K9s, you will start to learn how your dog thinks, how they view the world you create for them, and how to use that knowledge to make your dog a happy, well-behaved, rewarding member of your household.

Our Training Programs

We can help with such issues as:

  • Potty training
  • Obedience
  • Separation anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Stress
  • Socialization with people and other animals
  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Tricks and stimulation
  • Bad manners
  • Behavioral problems
  • Crate training
  • Post-trauma care
  • And more

We can customize a package of our services, which include:

    • In-home training
    • 1-on-1 virtual video training
    • Park training
    • Behavioral modification plans
    • Or other services that are right for you and your dog
Sarah Koppel training 2 dogs
Calm small dog on leash
Teaching a dog to sit at intersections
Dog resting in closed kennel


The following prices are for one-hour sessions:

1 Session: $125

3 Sessions: $360

5 Sessions: $575

Contact us to start building the package that’s right for you and your pet.

About Sarah Koppel

Sarah Koppel

Sarah Koppel founded what is now Koppel’s K9s in 2016 to provide dog training services in Chicago. Her focus is on education for both ends of the dog leash to train new puppies, older dogs and their families.

Sarah’s childhood dog Bixou became her best friend, inspiring her to learn more about a dog’s point of view and their reaction to the world around them. She followed that interest and graduated from Animal Behavior College.

Sarah’s positive reinforcement approach, rooted in psychology and philosophy, helps owners understand why dogs react to the world in the way they do and how owners can change their own behavior to encourage dogs to make the choices that are best for everyone.

Contact Sarah to see how her unique dog training techniques can help you.


Sarah has been an enormous help in training us all.  She is very professional in running her business, which is great. Most importantly, she is wonderful at reading the dog’s body language. She then explained to us how to use that to get the dog to behave the way we want. She has, I think, gone above and beyond, answering tons of text questions whenever they come up between sessions.

Matt M.

We needed help with training basics for our two young Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. What I loved about Sarah’s training method is that it’s literally all positive reinforcement – and she taught us HOW to train. So in the future when I want to train them something new, I know the basics of how to start implementing the skill set in a way that they’re already familiar. And it WORKS!! It’s amazing and so fulfilling to see our dogs change their behavior and how happy they are to please us! We couldn’t be happier!

Amanda L.

Sarah was great to work with. She made it very convenient by coming to my home. She’s incredibly observant and helped me learn how to recognize signs and communication from my pup. It’s clear she cares about the welfare of the pet. Sarah recommended a three-session series to start working through fear-based aggression with my 1 year old Yorkie. While he and I are still working through it, he’s made improvements. She’s given me the tools I need to continue improvement over time. With those tools, I have the confidence I needed to keep at it.

Angelica K.

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